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Sunday, July 25, 2010


For We Write Poems

Today’s prompt from Mary is a simple one:
Write a poem of three stanzas.
Begin the firrst stanza with the word “Yesterday,”
the second stanza with the word “Today,”
and the third stanza with the word “Tomorrow.”

I added a fourth verse, to write:


Yesterday I changed my mind
Not my decision; my mind
Yesterday I knew nothing
My attitude gave me strength
Educated me anew
Today I know so much more

Today all knowledge is mine
Not yours, not ours to share; mine
Today I know everything
My arrogance gives me pride
Questions my education
Tomorrow I will know less

Tomorrow my light will fade
Not switch off completely; fade
Tomorrow I’ll know… something
My loss will give me wisdom
At an educated guess
The next day I’ll know for sure

The next day will be my last
Not penultimate; my last
The next day I will know what’s next
My God will take me away
No need for education
The next day God will know best


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  2. Thanks to:
    MH2M; Appreciated.
    Jingle; What goes up must come down.

  3. Stan,thank you for doing my prompt. Your poem is stunning really. I could almost hear YOU reading it. Yes, in the end all education of yesterday, today, and tomorrow will take us to the same place....the place where "God will know best." This is my favorite of your poems I've read so far.

  4. Thanks Mary; Knowledge is a possession we osten gaurd closely, but it fades as we grow older.

  5. wonderful assessment of the stages we pass; love how you ended with the day after tomorrow.

  6. Thanks Angie; If a lifetime is expressed as yesterday, today tomorrow (past, present, future) - then death is the day after tomorrow.

  7. I think there is a sort of doppler effect on those tomorrows. the shorter the distance, the more intense

  8. Stan talk about reflections
    interesting piece!

  9. Hi Stan, I can almost hear you reading this poem. You've captured so much here. And I agree with your comment that death is the day after tomorrow. We just don't know when tomorrow is.


  10. Thanks to:
    B; The more yesterdays - the fewer tomorrows...
    Pamela; We start off ignorant, then think we know it all, until we realise just one thing is certain.
    Wayne; It's still today, but tomorrow will come - and the next day...

  11. Thanks Diane; Time is relative - it could be seconds, or years away.