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Sunday, July 18, 2010


For Carry On Tuesday
Lightning first, then the thunder.
And in between the two…

And posted to Monday Poery Train Revisited


Lightning first, then thunder
In between the two... a gap
Counting down the seconds
Till the mighty clap

Time to concentrate
On the need of the masses
And forget about
The greed of upper classes

It’s that time of year when rainfall

Brings the precious gift of life
And without it, hardship
Poverty and strife

Spare a thought for those poor souls
Who keep your bellies full
When, on holiday
The sky above turns dull


  1. Interesting that you have written this now! It suits the Australian condition! We have a national election on the 21st Ausgust and right now, we have days and days of rain! Crops are struggling with the threat of flooding! Your poem is so symbolic for me!

  2. Thanks GT; Officially it's rainy season here, but we're in a period of drought - crops are struggling for that reason - but every now and then, the heavens open and...

  3. like your count down better than mine..nice work and nice thoughts. maybe a good kick in the butt by a bolt of lightning would help all the politicians ... world wide

  4. Thanks GSB; Maybe... maybe not... but it would be fun finding out...

  5. Thanks Jeeves; A few more like it would be nicer.

  6. I love your words :) Thank for sharing such a wonderful poem ^^

  7. Nicely written! In my area, we can go a few weeks without rain, then it begins to pour for two or three days. Thanks for the enjoyable read!


  8. Thanks to:
    Rika; I was thinking of my neighbours, currently planting rice.
    Weasel; At this time of year, the day should finish with rain most days - not the case this year.

  9. Hope the weather sorts itself out in time for crops.

  10. Oddly enough I was thinking about produce and the price of goods today. So it's quite timely that you would have such a poem for my first ride on the Train.


  11. Thanks to:
    Julia; Rain is needed for planting, with further rain required for survival.
    Travis; Prices will increase if the harvest is reduced.

  12. Stan I like this a lot! Sounds like rain is in order.

  13. Thanks Pamela; Summer just doesn't want to go away this year.

  14. Very nice. :)
    Such a novel way of looking at things.

  15. a beautiful piece,
    your words invite and speak themselves.

  16. thanks to:
    Felicity; I was thinking how rain can ruin a holiday, while lack of it can ruin harvests and lives.
    Jingle; We may not like rain, but water is life.

  17. I had no idea there was a drought in your part of the world. I've heard about the monsoons, though.

    My mom is from the Philippines and she told me a little about them. I love seeing pictures of your family because it reminds me of her and my aunties.

    Clean water should be the biggest issue in the world, right now. Not oil or anything else. Without it, no one lives.