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Thursday, July 22, 2010


For Three Word Wednesday
and Friday Flash 55


“Have you caught anything yet?”

Have I? Take a look in that big bucket.”

“Wow! What bait are you using?”

“Just bread…
With a ‘special’ luring substance.
It makes those fish jump!”

“Well, I know what we’ll be eating tonight.”

“I just have to land my next victim.
Then we can set up the barbecue!"


  1. Little did I know when the words formulated that fishing would come to the forefront. Good stuff, my man.

  2. Thanks Thom; I think 'jump' might have thrown people in a different direction.

  3. I want to know what that "special" luring substance is!

  4. hehe! Great job, and I'm craving fish!

  5. Thanks to:
    Jingle; I don't fish much, but it is enjoyable, especially when they're biting.
    Dee; So do I...
    Thomma; I just got back from a shopping trip and picked up some fresh fish (that I bought, not caught).

  6. Now for one moment I thought it was fishermen you were reeling in! My 55 here

  7. i enjoy fishing...cooking the catch over the open flame is the best too...catching a bucket full yeah that would be a good day. smiles. nice 55.

  8. That special addition to bread is like a secret that a fisherman takes pride in keeping his/her own special secret!

  9. I used to make 'Dough Balls' out of bread to catch Catfish and Carp. You bind it together with some vanilla extract.
    Loved your 55 Stan.
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End...G

  10. Wonder what this special luring substance is that makes the fish jump..nice 55!

  11. fishing is fun and sometimes paistakingly boring... but yeah it smells of a nice BBQ

  12. Thanks to:
    John; Just one fish would do for me.
    Brian; Any real fisherman knows this is fiction.
    GT; I wish I knew it...
    G-Man; So wht's the secret for Salmon & Trout... ?
    Claudia; Dunno... but I bet it's illegal most places.
    Faery; Or maybe just a good excuse to get out...

  13. I had no idea fishermen could be so blood thirsty.

  14. fishing is not just done for fun or just as an excuse to get out... But it is done with the ultimate aim to catch a fish, and that is what that second person in your story is trying to prove...
    Mine is up here

  15. OK, so I'm a little worried about that "special luring substance."

    I’m up here.

  16. Thanks to:
    Alice; I suppose it depends how hungry they are...
    Swputh; I think he had a little help;
    Pattiken; So am I, but I wouldn't mind trying it out.