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Thursday, May 20, 2010


For Big Tent Poetry


Refusing to capitulate
(to futile, though well-meaning words
of the seemingly sapient,
caparisoned on some high horse),
fumbling fingers and thumbs fondle
urban treasure; tobacco strands
salvaged from the discarded dimps
of those who leave a longer stub.

‘Crumple’ covers all the angles;

Oxfam attire, through wrinkled skin,
to that misshapen reefer.

No purse required to join this club.

Tincture (prescribed to soothe the wounds
sustained surviving outdoor life),
dispensed from council tip hip flask;
one hundred proof panacea,
completes the pattern of decline
initiated by the glitch
that failed to recognise the signs
and doff its cap to ‘life’s a bitch’.


  1. reminds me of how much I've changed over time, to considering a failure to capitulate an unnecessary stubbornness. from experience: recycled cigarettes are foul

  2. An exceptionally vivid picture you've painted, without distorting the wordle words. What's a dimp?

  3. Excellent use of the wordle words Stan
    What is a dimp

  4. Seemingly sapient speaks volumes. Those darn well meaning people on their high horses, trying to change the lives of the downtrodden.
    Great piece.

    I hope you are surviving Bangkok's turmoil. I see it in the news and think of you...one of my new poet connections. Be safe. ~Brenda

  5. When I read this I immediately thought of the situation in Thailand which I must admit I dont understand politically but I get the feeling it is between the 'haves 'and the 'have nots.' Love the last stanza..very good poem Stan...justice for all would be a good outcome!Cheers and take care

  6. Wow, Stan -- from what I've read of your work so far over the past few weeks, this is one of my favorites. Very dark, angry and righteous.

  7. Strong piece. Sadly, the high-horses never give up rendering.

  8. Thanks to:
    Briarcat; Beggars can't be choosers.
    ViV; A dimp is a partially smoked, discarded cigarette.
    Pamela; Dimp, stub, butt, cigarette end...
    Brenda; Bangkok is a million miles away - the aftermath could affect things closer to home.
    Rallentanda; Have's and have not's - The meaning can be taken literally here.
    Linda; Social injustice is a universal issue.
    Tumblewords; And the suffering of ordinary folk continues.

  9. In reading the comments, it seems you are in Bangkok. I was there in December, actually on the day of the King's Birthday (while he was in the hospital). What an experience!

    Your wordie is good - serious and dense!



  10. This is so good, Stan! And I loved this line, "caparisoned on some high horse." That's just so perfect!!!

  11. Thanks to:
    Mary; 300 miles north - wondering what next.
    Marianne; It's all about priorities and perspectives.

  12. Like Marianne, I fell for the line "caparisoned on some high horse." Nice use of the word. Great poem, and thank you for the comment on mine.

  13. i like how fumble and crumple echo each other in sound!

  14. Strong social commentary that, like the election of last week's poem, are universal.

    I see these folks everyday. We are they, in shadow or bright light.

  15. Thanks to:
    Nan; I had to think about how to use that word.
    Carolee; Unintentional similarity, but now you mention it...
    Deb; There but for the grace...

  16. a very moving, powerful piece, Stan.

    "one hundred proof pancea" is so sadly, universally apt.

  17. Thanks Angie; It only works as long as you keep taking it.

  18. I was totally enthralled with the way you wove the words of the wordie into a meaningful poem.

    My favorite line: "no purse required to join this club"

    My son and his family live in Thailand ( about an hour north of Bangkok) and have been keeping us abreast of what's happening.

  19. Taking a wordle that's almost like a postmodern nonsense collage poem in itself and turning it into a statement of decline and a lament for a country, Thailand, is brilliance, but to then place it all in the poet's hat: "to doff' his "cap to ‘life’s a bitch’" - wow. Fine work, indeed.

  20. Thanks to:
    Linda; Free membership to the ranks of the poor.
    Brenda; It was intended as a more genaral lament to social injustices.

  21. Stan, I do hope all goes well in Thailand. Seems to be in the news daily. Funny how I pay more attention now that I've been there. It breaks my heart to see the destruction. (Sorry about off topic of your poem here.)