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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


For ABC Wednesday




The scene is suitably set, with an appropriately bland backdrop of depressing Old Trafford, Manchester…

Fran’s atmospherically charged retrospective recollections serve, not only to mix Sex with Religion to great effect, but also to expose the ‘anarchistic’ tendencies of Punk-era attitudes, for what they really were… distractions from the apathetic existence of a bored generation, whose virulent indifference to authority had taken root, flourished and spread, to Teen, and middle-age Wastelands alike.

The (larger-than-life…?) characters are illustrated to surreal perfection in this metaphor-laden, irreverent frolic through the ironies that spawned this ‘Dry Rot’ – most notably, Fran’s sexually confused (or confident…?) ‘Mentor’, Mary – quite contrary…and whose ‘garden’ grows… well… in both directions… conceiving a devil that, ultimately, foils the best laid plans for revenge, despite claiming two (or is it three…or even four…?) victims in the process.

Stan Ski
Elephant Small


  1. Phew, many thanks Stan, that is a brilliant review! Nic is really pleased with it and she's posted it on her page at 'Authors Den' as I mentioned elsewhere.

    btw, have you got a copy of her autobiographical collection of short stories 'The complete Ziggy Collection'?

  2. I'm glad the quality of the novel proveked my reaction to it and hope many more get to read her work.
    I don't have the 'complete Ziggy' but would love a copy.
    I think Nic's website needs updating to advertise 'Dry Rot'.

  3. Wow ... all those long words and not a single 'Z'! That's kind of funny.

    I have no idea what you're reviewing, but it sounds heavy. Not sure I agree with the analysis of punk, although it was undoubtedly true for some. As is usual, the creativity inherent in the genre was hijacked by the disaffected and by those who failed to completely understand it. Just my opinion, for what it's worth.

    I have to say though, that it's one of the more unusual ABC Wednesday offerings, so you get points for that!

  4. The book you review looks very complicated to me. Too difficult for a simple minded non native speaker!
    Thanks for your visit and comment. Have a great day!

  5. Intriguing review - the comedy is light though the message is deep in the play?

  6. Thanks to:
    Jay; Not Punk - Punk era attitudes, which are similar in all era's I guess.
    Reader Wil; There are links to the author, but the book is not well publicised.
    Jabblog; Just about spot on.
    Roger; 'Ziggy Zone' - book review...You would have to know, or know about the author.

  7. Okay, then, I must take a looksee! Thanks!

  8. Thanks Tumblewords; If you get hold of a copy, you won't be disappointed.