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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

WI Farewell, Gratitude


Once the life and soul, now visibly weakened
Reduced to a shadow of his former self
Comforted by the intimacy of friends
Intimidated by confusion, conflict

But no stranger to the bloody battlefields

Fatigued by the frequency of Friendly Fire
And misadventure of misguided missiles
Sustaining the shots, he still soldiered on
To epic encounters with the enemy

Erosion, attrition, have taken their toll

He lives – after a fashion – to tell the tale
And serve as a warning; unheeded, ignored
By those who believe in the Greater Glory
Who bear not the scars, the constant reminder

That every single life is expendable

In years to come, when the family gather
To bid their farewell’s, as they lay him to rest
A message, etched forever in stone, will read

“Here lies a hero, in need of a cure
Unbeaten in battle, yet losing the war”


I don’t share
Your view
But I admire
Your honesty
It’s so…
It’s refreshing…
Thank you
You have my

1 comment:

  1. Shell shocked! and a powerful epitaph. Nice to have you back.