LEADERS - not followers

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Matinee Muse - Life in the shadows


Daylight divides and conquers
Giving each master a slave
We lead and our shadows follow
Loyal from cradle to grave

Life exists in our shadows
Dark thoughts dominate the shade
At night time we’re reunited
As both light and shadow fade

Shadows return to their hosts
For safe-keeping through the night
Bedtime companions till morning
When we’re exposed to the light

Dreams guard over our shadows
But nightmares can overtake
Revealing to us a dark side
We tether when we awake

Never allow our shadows
The chance to show us the way
If we become our shadows
Darkness will reign over day


  1. oh, stan, this was unbelievably excellent! i can't say which stanza i like more... they are all excellent, tight and strong in their own right. i have to reread this again to let it digest a little more. i bow down to you, dear sir. well done!

    "Never allow our shadows
    The chance to show us the way
    If we become our shadows
    Darkness will reign over day."


  2. Thanks rebecca; I played on the thought of our shadows being the dark side of our characters, how they follow us like a loyal servant through life, and how, if we allow them, they can influence us into sinister activities.

  3. A terrific piece. As I sit here now I can see my shadow on the wall - huge yet comforting. I try to blot out it's sinister side.

  4. Thanks keith's ramblings; Good to hear it. The closer to the light, the bigger the shadow - perhaps it's small shadows we should fear?

  5. Love the line shadows return to their hosts ... fabulous way to explain the symbiotic nature of the shadowed self. Peace, JP/deb

  6. Thanks jp/deb; As long as we don't allow the symbiote to become a parasite

  7. Ok ..........there are to many great writers out there I am gonna fuck off!

    and you are one of them..........

  8. Thanks whitesnake; stick around and join in the fun.