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Friday, July 18, 2008

TOP Ghazal


The precious gift of life is a heartbeat
Each moment is defined by a heartbeat

From cradle to grave, first round to final
Thoughts, words and actions hang on a heartbeat

Unscheduled pace of youth; now fast, now slow
Reflecting the rhythm of a heartbeat

Maturity mellows me to the core
Choices no longer take but a heartbeat

Age slows my mind as time accelerates
Existence condenses to a heartbeat

Preparing to meet the maker of hearts
A tribute is expressed through a heartbeat

As vital signs fade, one thought remains strong
I long for that throb; yearn for a heartbeat

To feel the pulse just one more time, I’d give
Everything I possess in a heartbeat


  1. Your Ghazal does great justice to very true words, and to the form.

  2. As a 3 stent heart attack survivor, I really appreciate heatbeats. Great poem!

    Also, thanks for your comment

  3. 'heartbeat' is a great choice for a radif! I like this.

  4. Yeah Stan, I think you've got the heartbeat of the ghazal there!

  5. Well crafted - I really like this one very much.

  6. Nicely done. It had a vitality, linked, as it was, to the heartbeat.

  7. A precious gift, indeed, and a lovely poem as well. I like the way you melded the words of this form.

  8. Thanks to:
    maekitso; moe lauher; lucy; Andy; lisa; anthony north; and tumblewords;
    Another first for me, so very satisfying to receive such appreciative comments - thanks again.