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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

TOP Foreign Lands


Road signs; no help
Their hieroglyph markings
Display a language you can’t understand

Traffic signals
Familiar warning
A universal colour-code command

Through the red light
To a head-on collision
In your haste to reach the point of no return

Through the green light
A twisting path to freedom
A tortured course to everything you yearn

But if you keep your eyes on the road
If you keep your hands on the wheel
Just a matter of time before you learn

Read the signs in the eyes of your mind
Keep a safe distance
And don’t get too close to arrogance

Pride will cause distraction
Each and every action
Requires a choice, a decision, a reaction

But if you make the wrong one, you’ll get nowhere

That’s not a place you want to go
You just escaped the living hell of nowhere


  1. I like the way you showed these hazards as a kind of road journey.

  2. Hi Stan, I'm still trying to escape but I think I know what you mean..

  3. very clever take on the prompt.. and i love the way you created the scenario... very well done...

  4. Tanks to:
    anthonynorth; The journey to understanding is like a journey to a foreign land, and full of unforseen hazards.
    Andy; At least you're trying - I hope you're getting somewhere.
    paisley; Everything seems foreign, until you venture out and try something new.

  5. Great poem. Reading street signs in another language can be difficult but trying to learn something new can seem to be equally a hard task to master.

    I wrote a silly limerick about an almost romantic honeymoon cruise.


  6. Thanks bevies-place; Life is about learning and many of it's lessons are hard, but it's a journey I relish.

    I read your limerick; it was fun.
    Wanted to comment, but your comments box is something else I'll have to master.

  7. Ah, the journey! Great take on the prompt...

  8. Thanks tumblewords; The journey continues, and each day brings new discoveries.

  9. i agree with everyone, great take on the prompt! i liked how you used the universality of traffic lights as a metaphor for our personal journey

  10. Thanks odessa; sometimes we need to stop and think about our next move.