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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

WI Outrageous


You could have knocked me down with a feather
The first time my Gran mentioned LSD
I think you know just what I thought she meant
But did you know it means money?

Back to the time when we were small children
The ‘Olden Days’ were approaching past tense
Decimal currency hit the UK
Goodbye to (L) pounds, (s) shillings, and (d) pence

Penny for your thoughts? That’s twelve for a shilling
And two hundred and forty for a pound
Bargain basement nostalgia of times when
Lsd made the world go round

Bus fare to town was less than a ‘tanner’
‘Saturday Club’ at the old ABC
Sometimes the Odeon showed better pictures
If you had enough Lsd

Beano and Dandy, Topper and Whizzer
Catapults, cap-guns, balsa-wood planes
Upstairs at toy stores for hours at a time
How much Lsd for the trains?

‘Conkers’ was seasonal, ‘alleys’ as well
‘Footy’ was played every day, to a crowd
‘Ticky’, ‘Red Rover’ and ‘British Bulldog
No Lsd! No girls allowed!

Five Park Drive tipped and a book of matches
Change from a ‘bob’, four Mojo’s, a bubbly
Sweets were my cut, the ‘fags’ were my brother’s
Back in the days of Lsd

Just as Gran used to say, ‘those were the days’
Childhood memories that won’t fade for me
The addictions of children everywhere
Nothing to do with LSD


  1. Wow! Love the rhythm, flow and thoughts in this piece. Interesting topic and a great read!

  2. I love this piece! Great writing.

  3. thanks to;
    tumblewords; 'outrageous' to think kids used to play - together - for free; and everything else was so cheap.
    jane doe; memories and contrasts, things we took for granted; fascinating years later.