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Thursday, April 3, 2008


Seven Ages of Man

They would call us the children of the damned
Our mother died when we were very young
Soon after, our father left, to be with her
We know how to say ‘good-bye’ to loved ones

At school, the teachers tried to educate
Work, rest and play, eat your food, wash your hands
Why couldn’t they understand our wisdom?
We already knew all there was to know

Gainful employment earned our daily bread
Promotions swiftly took us to the top
As employers, we could dictate our terms
We knew how to influence with standards

Only two of us ever got married
Honeymoon, anniversaries, children
We were blessed by offspring of both sexes
They grew with us and made our lives complete

Healthy pensions ensured our happiness
In retirement, life was good for a while
All the time we counted on our blessings
Our lives under control, until

Old age came quickly, followed by illness
Doctors and nurses; time in hospitals
No recovery, no second chances
Get it right first time, or die unfulfilled

But our lives didn’t end without meaning
Our time had come and we were well prepared
Children, grand-children, mourned at our graveside
Said ‘good-bye’ to the children of the damned


  1. This makes life sound so cut-n-dry you're born, you do it right or wrong, with no second chances, you die.
    Seeing life for what it really is, and really is this cut-n dry is amazing, thanks for post this wonderful piece of work.

    mine is here

  2. Thanks Amanda; We all know there's a lot more to it...but I think it just about sums it up.