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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Top Transformation


I saw a programme on TV
About the gifts of man
Most gifted individuals say
“I do it ‘cause I can.”

But these were no ‘normal’ geniuses
They’d suffered coma, all
Long periods of unconsciousness
Awakened by the call
Now, things they’d never done before
Seem more than possible
They’re all now experts in new fields
It sounds improbable

Two years ago, on a motorbike
I had an accident
Unconscious for more than a week
Don’t know how long I spent
Recovering from the trauma
They said it was ‘touch and go’
In hospital; I don’t know where
I guess I’ll never know

When I came round some time later
I found I was confused
Too many concepts filled my head
My memory refused
To guide me through this new darkness
That shrouded some things past
One question that I asked myself
How long’s it going to last?

But I was able to use ‘gifts’
I never thought I had
Never an artist, but I painted
A portrait of my lad
It hangs upon his bedroom wall
Taking pride of place
Among all his long-gone heroes;
There but for the grace…

It’s not all glory, however
My temper’s very short
My eyesight’s deteriorating
And things I never thought
I could do, like Quantum Physics
Didn’t get past the stage
Of borrowing a book, or two
And reading the first page
In fact, I don’t know what it is
But I am very keen
To go and look it up – one day
And learn what it could mean.


  1. What an utterly fascinating insight into psychological depths.


  2. very interesting take on the prompt... makes me wonder ifmaybe what i need is a good old fashioned knock in the head to kick start my creativity .....

  3. Ah, the strange things about the mind. You put it very well.

  4. Wonderfully told about our subconscious mind. I was kind of hooked to the words!


  5. Sometimes I wonder if these things are meant to happen or if they're just sent to try us?

  6. We always seem to hear about the gifts that can be received but less so the losses.

  7. thanks to;
    greyscale territory
    gautami tripathy
    My somewhat light-hearted look at an event with serious consequences, both for good and bad, has raised some interesting and thoughtful comments