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Thursday, April 24, 2008

TOP - Late Spring

Dreaming Of Springtime

Humidity level racing off the scale to
Saturation point, provoking thirst it can’t quench
Gasping for life’s breath, like a fish out of water
Sucking fiercely; syrup-sticky scents of morning,
Huge moisture-laden mouthfuls of hydrated air

Overnight minimum of ninety Fahrenheit
Sun’s rapid rise, announces, ‘morning is cancelled’
Insipid cherry-pink, transforms to tangerine,
Lemon-yellow, molten-metal-white, in seconds

Water seems so foreign, yet so familiar
Shower-outs, a testament to dried river-beds
Power-outs, resulting from the lack of hydro

Yet you could drown in your sleep from the sweat of air

Just for a moment, a dream; nostalgic nonsense
Give me a misty-mountain, cool English morning
Overlooking valleys, steeped in shrouds of silence
Dew-dappled daybreak, evaporating slowly
Cock-crow to consciousness; time to re-live reverie

Reality bites, with the sound of alarm bells
Back to ‘beat thy neighbour’ and vanity culture
Landscape gives way to the industrial townscape
That skyscrapes the starscape; invites a ‘great escape’

Take excesses of climate, lock them in a box
Throw away the key. Live forever, in Springtime
When blissful bird-song beckons each day, in greeting

Leave unpredictability to weathermen


  1. sounds like florida with no air conditioning!!!!

    i know the feeling,, and even tho i am sick and tired of being cold here... i would rather be chilly than sweating....

  2. Hi Stan, there's some great thoughts here.. 'Morning is cancelled' 'beat thy neighbour' 'skyscrapes the starscape' etc. good work!

  3. Descriptions and imagery in this are, in my view, superb. I think this is the best of your poems. Great!

  4. Thanks for your appreciative comments.
    paisley; It compares and contrasts Thailand and England
    andy; freshness of morning lasts only a very short time here - but at least there is no competitive day wasting to didtract me.
    tumblewords; These thoughts and images are all around, all the time.

    'late spring', even spring itself, is only a memory to me now. The 'seasons' are hot and wet, or hot and dry - if I want any different, I have to rely on dreams.

  5. The wordplay in here is wonderful! Lots of alliteration. Such precise images and the colors! Exotic writing for an exotic locale.

  6. linda jacobs; thanks - I tried to put in a nutshell some of the likes and dislikes of two locations. Comparing the weather may be a typically English response, but 'climate' in a broader sense seems to sum it up for me.