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Monday, February 25, 2008

Close Your Eyes

(TOP Prompt Get Surreal)

They tell me that the ocean
Is not just wet and flat
In fact, it’s cold and deep as well
But everyone knows that

But what about the ocean
That Mermaids sing about?
It’s unlike any other one
Of that, I have no doubt

I don’t mean the Atlantic
Pacific, or the rest
This ocean that I know about
Is neither East nor West

This ocean has a FAT side
And not just ‘near and far’
But which side do you mean, my son?
Can we get there by car?

The FAT side of this ocean
Accessible by boat
Is ninety million miles away
Space travellers take note!

The sun is slightly further
If you go the other way
It takes no time to reach this place
But you can’t go there by day

I went there, once, at bedtime
And swam from shore to shore
The strangest fish I’d ever seen
Directed me, and more

A Mermaid swam before them
And led them with her song
She had a soft and gentle voice
That carried through the throng

She sang of the ocean’s FAT side
Explaining to the Earth
That ocean’s only get this FAT
In order to give birth

The FAT side of the ocean
Came into view at dawn
With one last heave, one final push
A brand new DAY was born


Recollections of a place
Open country; open range
Given to me by God’s grace
Sleep induced reminders; how strange

Memory’s pleasant neighbourhood
Open doors and open hearts
The safety of my childhood
The point at which nostalgia starts

Beautiful environment
Open minds and open fires
Security, enchantment
A fusion of dreams and desires

Tranquillity all around
Open eyes and open arms
Comfortable, soothing sound
Reverie dismisses all qualms

Living luxury landscape
Open fields and open skies
Such a relaxing escape
A way of life that never dies

Everything; thought provoking
Open reason; open rhyme
Feel-good factor evoking
The adventure of a night-time


  1. I'm intrigued by the fat side of the ocean...

  2. Hi crafty green poet - I think I may have heard someone saying 'the far side of the ocean' - must have been a Northern accent to confuse the words. Anyway, it just got me thinking

  3. i too was drawn to the surrealistic quality of the dream state... i must admit i am to literal to get all poetic about surrealism in any other form...

    both workd are delightful,, and carry me away as a dream should....

  4. I loved both these offerings esp. the first...

  5. I liked the way the first goes. Surreal yet so real!

    coiled cutters

  6. I like The Fat Side of The Ocean as much this time as I did a month ago when I first read it.
    If surreal means looking at things differently like Mattise, then you've cracked it!

  7. Something about the 'fat' side of the ocean pulls me right into an image that will linger. Nice!

  8. very nicely done - really enjoyed the fat side of the ocean. The whimsy reminded me a bit of Edward Lear.

  9. Thank you all for your encouraging comments.
    paisley; The prompt was intended to apply only to 'fat side'. Consesus seems to think both are relevant.
    ul; I used to think 'surreal' applied more to art. Must have been tickled by Dali's moustache, or paintbrush.
    gautami tripathy; I'm sure I mis-heard someone say 'far side' and wondered what 'fat side' could imply.
    sweet talking guy; Keep your imigination as open as ever; meet invention's real mother.
    tumblewords; I 'lived' that image while writing the piece. Now I try to dream it each time I 'close my eyes'.
    richard; thanks for the reading prompt. I haven't read any Lear for years.