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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Mother's Day

Because of Mum

I was small,
Having a ball;
Learning things
That growing brings
To all kids,
Making their bids
In their lives;
The over five’s.

Thanks to Mum
I could become
A hero;
Someone to know.

I remember
One September
In the park,
Making my mark.

Not at first,
I was the worst;
Small and scared,
Just not prepared.

Six years old,
It felt so cold.
Mum close by
Lit up the sky.

Mother said
“Don’t be afraid
Don’t be scared.”
She always cared.

Reaching out
I had to shout
“Give me hope!”
I couldn’t cope.
It was just
A case of trust,
Need of patience

Instead I
Began to cry.
Mum was near,
Dispelling fear.

That was me;
A big baby.

“Try again
There’ll be no pain,
Only joy;
You’re a big boy.”

A symphony
In my ears,
Despite my tears.

With a smile,
After a while
Courage came.
She called my name.
“Get through it;
You can do it.
Just be brave;
It’s what you crave.”

Always right,
Just like at night,
In my bed;
My dreams were fed.

“Now you know;
I told you so.
Now you’ll like
Riding your bike.”

Filled with pride,
I used to ride
Every day,
And in my way
I thanked her;
Gave her laughter.
Not a word,
But she still heard.

She’d cured me;
Made me happy.

Saddle sore,
I cried no more.

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