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Friday, February 15, 2008


Welcome to says-sir-ten and Elephant Small
Thank you for visiting

I was born in Manchester, north of England. Now I'm in Isan, north of Thailand
Isan is the name given to the north-eastern region.
I live with my wife, Mok, and son, Changnoi - and very soon a new-born daughter.
Stan Ski is short for Stanislaw Skibinski. Sir-ten is the Thai pronunciaton/corruption of Stan.
Changnoi is Thai for small/baby elephant. Elephant Small is the literal translation.
Elephant small will contain Thai-related passages, as well as more general , and some conceptual thoughts.
Any deviation from the rules of verse is deliberate.
I have written two books, a semi-autobiographical account of Thai experiences - 'Hotel 27', and a clue-based story of unfulfilled potential, associated injustices, and ultimate reward - 'A Fetish For Frustration'. More on these later. Currently I am writing a novel, it's a work in progress and is about...30% complete!
Enjoy your visit(s) and return often.

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