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Friday, February 22, 2008

Live and Learn

WI The Return, Parallel Universe, Legend

It's an older post, but seems to fit all 3 prompts.

There's a PARALLEL UNIVERSE right in front of our eyes - the mirror.

Mirror, Mirror

There is a well known saying
You must have heard it
“If you really want to know
Look in the mirror”

But mirrors are confusing
Left is on the right
Is it all the wrong way round?

Are we to assume
Opposites do not attract?
And does ‘yes’ mean ‘no’?
Is something wrong really right?
Is bad really good?

They never make me look slim
Athletic, handsome
So they seem to have that right
Much to my distress

But something I need to know
Not just me, I’m sure
If images are back to front
Does the same apply
To everything? What about
The lies they don’t tell?

Grandparents are living LEGENDS - and their wisdom is LEGENDARY

Nok Noi Si khieo

In Thailand, as in places round the world
Education can be passed by word of mouth
Lessons are not learned while just at school
The same is true in North as well as South

One evening, as we sat to eat a meal
A bright young girl, the daughter of a guest
Noticed a bird that flew into the house
And put her old grandmother to the test

Khun Yai, nok noi si khieo, nee, shue arai?”
What do we call this miniature green bird?
Yai’ – grandmother, looked at the child and spoke
She asked the girl, as though she hadn’t heard

Arai na look?” What’s that you want to know?
The girl looked her grandmother in the eye
“I want to know the name of this green bird”
“I know that, girl, but let me ask you why”

“If I can tell my teacher, she’ll be proud.
She’ll put me at the top place in her class.”
Dek ying, thammai?” The old girl had to know
Young girl, why? Gran thought she could let it pass

Left arm across her chest, right hand to chin
Grandmother thought about it for a while
Then slapping both hands down against her knees
She looked up with a knowing nod and smile

Dek ying, nok noi nee, shue yang nee - dieo
Granddaughter, this small bird is called – hang on
She braced herself and passed on what she knew
Nok noi, si khieo” - Small green bird – Wisdom’s a con!!


  1. Interesting take on mirrors! I'd never think of that.

  2. Thanks, my backyard.
    'Squirrel to Hawk' was a great piece of observation. I'll look out for more from you.

  3. The mirrors one was excellent, leaving confusion about the world - which was clearly sorted out by the last.
    A questioning post today, indeed.

  4. oh a thai setting :D, lovely ponderings on the prompts. the mirror poem is so true. sometimes i even talk to the mirror! LOL!

    the green bird is lovely. i felt i was there

  5. It was a treat to read this post. Great going!

    end of the world for me

  6. Thank you:
    anthonynorth; You can't believe everything you hear or even see, but some things have to remain constant.
    totomai; keep talking to it; let me know if talks back.
    gautami tripathy; As long as you keep treating us with your words, I'll try to return the favour