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Tuesday, July 20, 2010



POW has been up and running for three months already. So, for a treat and for being such nice poets you can write a prompt to ' What's On Your Mind?' Let us know what you are thinking. Are you thinking about?a childhood experience joining a choir aphids in your roses your wife's family getting a tattoo learning to ride a camel changing your image redecorating learning the tango finding God becoming a hermit falling in love again broken spectacles getting a gold fish reinventing yourself starting a cult something you have read ditching a friend learning to meditate becoming a vegan a scene from a movie sending your kids to boarding school environmental issues or anything at all
Hey, I think I have just written mine!I look forward to your meaty, juicy, personal poems next Wednesday.


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The thing on my mind is thought
The most fundamental of functions

Thoughts may be triggered by words
Perhaps a current event
A previous encounter
An action now in progress
An action already completed

Thoughts may have influences
They may be original

A thought may enter the mind
And dwell in the consciousness
Waiting to be joined by other thoughts
When the Thought Process may begin

Equally likely it may take
Residence in the sub-consciousness
Where it may lie dormant, or
Just remain under-developed
For any period of time
From a fraction of a second
To years, or even decades

When a single thought develops
Into a cohesive
Series or sequence of thoughts
Then an Idea is born

This idea may become a plan
To do, or to use something
Or to make available
The knowledge of some thing

Putting a plan into action
May be relatively simple
Or may be extremely complex
Requiring extensive research

But once put into practice
And made available
To the general public
Private organizations
Or individuals
Every idea or concept
Is subject to repercussions

Ranging from; popular acceptance
Approval and gratitude
Rejection, disappointment
Or even opposition
- To official recognition
Endorsement by authorities
Or criminal proceedings
For any number of
Potential technical infringements
From someone who thought of it first