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Monday, January 28, 2013

River Muse Winter 2013

Here's my submission for the recent contest at River Muse:



First one, looking my way!

…or the highway

Chicks just can’t multitask!

…or was that a

deliberate blank?


I shrank, frozen solid

Her skates were on!

One more, this time for sure

…or maybe not

Drew a breath… exhaled


Kerb crawl cabbie needs fare

In… With a grin!

Tonight! …Took forever

Great! ...Veil of tears

The tears of a clown!


Broken white now constant

Fused to blackdrop

No hide to wear, I’m glued

to fake tanned seat

goofing… Urban flare


inspires inadvertent

royal-esque wave

aided by the texture

of midnight breeze

Chauffeur’s lunar gaze


a phase I want to please

On the dashboard

metric display informs

the fare to pay

Twitching optic says




  1. Phew, you've put a lot into this, and I do like the rhymes - gaze, phase, pay, says etc. Nicely!