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Thursday, March 25, 2010


For Friday Flash 55


“In Asia, cigarettes cost less than a quid a packet
even leading brands…
and the Asian brands are cheaper still!
If you prefer
-many do-
you can buy locally-grown tobacco,
and roll your own,
for about a quid a kilo!
Scary isn’t it…?
To think you could die of Cancer
for under a tenner!”


  1. they are called BEEDI...the hand rolled ones-rolled in a leaf
    smell awful too!

  2. Hahah!!! It's seriously that way in Asia...hilarious post!

  3. Thanks to:
    Nalini; I tried BEEDI while I was in India a few years ago.
    Aayushi; You could even grow your own and get the big C for free!

  4. you could say that again...
    I am just below from your map...
    I live in Philly...
    and as you say....

    It is costly to live
    and easy to die....

  5. I've tried rolling my own....they fall apart!!! It's quite comical really.

    This is my 55 this week!

    [if you decide to stop by, scroll down below my Show n tell, as always, to find my FF55]

    Have a glorious weekend.

  6. oh yeah, we'll make is easy for you to severely hurt yourself. do read the fine print though as we will not accept the blame...nice 55.

    mine is up!

  7. Oh.. in Malaysia now, they put all the CANCEROUS warning with very awful pictures ... I still do not understand smokers and I am just glad I do not smoke but hubby does.....WONDERFUL 55! hugs,shakira

  8. Thanks to:
    Anthony; 'Ya soob' in Thai - they sell it by the bin-liner from the back of pick-up trucks!
    Inay; It's false economy, ill health is a terrible price to pay.
    Anni; Sounds like something telling you it's time to quit. I'll be over.
    Brian; and IF we make any gaurantees, they're followed immediately by a disclaimer.
    Shakira; I'm in Thailand and it's the same story here. I smoke (less these days) and sometimes I don't understand why.

  9. Dying of cancer for under a tenner, perfect conclusion. I went to Thailand back in 1990 and couldn't believe the price of things even back then. Had a custom made suit for a fraction of what it would cost back home.

  10. Wow. Very droll 55. I pay a fortune for the privilege of smoking here in the U.S. They are trying to ban cigarette smoking via taxation and no-smoking laws, yet I must say you can get drunk and kill someone else for far less money.

  11. O you can die on less! just get rat poison! :D

  12. Back in the old US of A I remember my dad would roll bulk tobacco and smoke it. When he wasn't smoking that it was unfiltered cigarettes. He died of lung cancer.

    I also remember as a young man of the 60's we would roll our own, but I really can't remember what happened.

    Thanks for visiting and commenting on my 55: Respect

  13. i don't know much about smoking -- but i'm loving your new dog.

  14. Really puts things in perspective dunnit?

  15. I roll my own...
    But what I roll costs MUCH more than that!
    Excellent 55 Stan.
    Thank you so much for visiting and playing today, and have a Kick Ass Week-End...G

  16. Thanks to:
    Peter; Still generally cheaper, but certain items cost same/more than in the west - Tobacco is not one of them.
    Enchanted Oak; In Uk, many people I know who smoked heavily have quit due to price increases and public restrictions.
    Mona; if people started buying it, it would soon increase in price ;)
    Buzzard; I guess we all know, but maybe don't understand the consequences - as for the 60's, only those who weren't there remember them.
    Jessie; Probably best not to try to find out much more. My would say it's his dog.
    Mojo; You think about the Cancer aspect, before buying half a kilo...
    John; Thanks - I'll check it out.
    G-Man; I won't ask...
    Tammie; When you're undecided about something you want, you weigh things up, concentrating on the positive, dismissing the negative.

  17. Nice one Dad - thanks for your help with mine.

  18. Thanks Changnoi; Inspired by your own fine work - well done!

  19. Very scary. Population control?

    I’m up here.

  20. Thanks Pattiken; One way of looking at it, and a good point.