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Saturday, March 6, 2010


For One Single Impression – Hesitation
And Monday Poetry Train Revisited


“In Nineteen Fifty Nine, you told me ‘June’.
You didn’t say which year, but I thought soon.”

“Such a big decision, dear, to make.
One has to get it right, for heaven’s sake!”

“Is it such a giant leap to take?
I want to wear the white dress; eat the cake.”

“OK, let’s make it Saturday, at noon.
… Or maybe… wait…? Until… the next BLUE MOON?
What is a Blue Moon?
Any City fan knows!
The popular understanding is the second of two full moons in one calendar month.
Fairly frequent, eh?
More accurately, perhaps, it is the third of four full moons in a period of three months.
Happens a bit less often.
If there are two full moons in January, there could be two in March, and none at all in February.
The debate goes on...


  1. We had a blue moon this year in January- I watched it rise.

  2. Thanks Gerald; Your visit and comment are appreciated.

  3. We had a blue moon this year in January - I watched it rise ..

    - a straightforward comment - - why do i read poetry into it ..

    liked ur couplets for the storyline & scenario ..

  4. Thanks Zoya; Partly why I added the note. I think it may depend on what part of the world you live in (time difference), but some would argue the definition of a Blue moon.

  5. Hi Stan;

    What a cute post...wanting some wedding to happen? and has to wait when it's like the moon is blue or full?

    It is a customary belief here in our country to have weddings on a full moon or blue moon?

    I enjoyed this write up of yours!

    Thanks for your visit also in my place!

  6. Thanks Amity; He just won't commit - only once in a blue moon.

  7. Nice pictures and redition of cold feet on the wedding date. We had a blue moon here a couple of months back. We celebrated, of course, with a 6 pack.....of "Blue Moon". :)

  8. I enjoyed that very, very much! Well done. I know that kind of hesitation.

  9. Your post was clever...it made me smile. Great photographs!

  10. I saw the blue moon this year...and your poem was lovely and hilarious:) The photos were perfect!

  11. Great, Stan. Why is it that men like to put weddings off? Unless you're the dad with a shotgun, that is. :)

  12. Thanks to:
    Loch Rob; Blue moon and 6 packs every other week at Eastlands.
    Sandy; It's all about timing.
    Sweetest; I don't think the Old Girl is smiling.
    Aayushi; The photo's were taken - at a wedding!
    Jim; Perhaps it's the thought of the bride aging and becoming her mother...

  13. Hmmm...looks like my comment disappeared. Loved the photos and the poem. I imagine this
    little conversation going on for decades...

  14. Thanks Robin; Perhaps it hesitated?
    A long 'engagement' for sure.

  15. Are the people in the photos the long-engagement couple? (LOL)

  16. I love all the thoughts flying around on your post. Blue moons may be more common than most know, but I still love the idea/mystique around them. Thanks for sharing this.

  17. Thanks To:
    Julia; It'll be a short honeymoon.
    Yousei; The Blue Moon myth is not the rare event we all grew up thinking of.

  18. Great hesitation portrayed here!

  19. Thanks Tumblewords; Maybe he's worried about what his parents will think...

  20. I loved that. Sort of sad, sort of humorous. Hopeful, not bleak. The photos you chose are perfect.

    Blue moon . . . it is when there are four full moons in one season — instead of 3. (Now are these astrological or meteorological seasons? I figured that one out last year and for the life of me I can't remember my conclusion.) The blue moon misconception dates from 1947 Sky & Telescope article.

    This continually comes up in my life for some reason. That's why I'm obnoxious about it. Sorry.

    PS: the fungus Hericium? It is edible. At certain stages it tastes good (I read) and other stages it's awful. But of course, there are look-alikes. And they may / may not be edible. I don't pay attention because my in-house fungus eater knows his fungi so well I don't have to worry! Otherwise I wouldn't eat any of them at all.

  21. Thanks Andree; Nothing obnoxious about having your say in what is, after all, a debate. And you did it so concisely and comprehensively.
    Thanks for the fungus info - now I can show off - although I'm well aware of the dangers, and understand the need for knowledge and experience in all matters fungal.

  22. Pregnant with hesitation and uncertainties! Very nice poem.

  23. Great work with the prompt. Glad you've joined us at OSI!

  24. now that is endearing...love is timeless comes to mind...and june makes a lovely wedding celebration... ok, i see everyone has discussed the recent blue moon so i wont' mention it... love the fotos...

  25. Thanks to:
    Soacedlaw; White dress, cake - he's waiting for other reasons.
    Geraldine; I intend to post regularly.
    Pieceofpie; I'm trying to use photo's in my posts more often.

  26. Excellent! I loved the pictures- they really made the poem come alive~

  27. Thanks Patti; I like to combine words and pictures.

  28. In Nineteen Fifty Nine, you told me ‘June’

    So perfect and delightful:)
    Even after all the debating in the comments, and I suspect for the rest of the day, that line is a perfect laughing smile :)

  29. So enjoyed the wry dialogue!Quite the lively discussion...which keeps them engaged.

  30. Thanks to:
    Sister Julia; One person might argue that point.
    Gabrielle; I guess after 50 years, the white dress and the cake are all the unfinished business that's left.

  31. blue moon brings look to couple, i guess :-)

  32. Thanks Totomai; Perhaps it does... sometimes.