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Sunday, February 28, 2010


For Sunday Scribblings Big Dreams


Thirty four year trophy drought
Devils, Potters would not quench
Silverware in short supply
Dream on hold for one more year?

Last night – Fantasy Football
Pensioners given The Blues
And those two Reds played their part
Minds more on Bridge than Stamford?

Double double re-ignites
Dream of City Glory Days
One step closer to Big Dream
European Champions!

But let’s not forget the past
Dreamtime era – Eighty One
Back in the day we promised
To pay our respects in full

When the dream we share comes true
We’ll look behind us, and say
“There’s no one quite like John Bond
He has helped us on our way”


  1. Oh those dreams of triumphs past, especially of one's sporting heroes. This reminded me of the days shortly after WW2 when our little Hampshire Soccer team Alton Town joined and then shot to the top of the Hampshire League division one in very few years.

    Even now I remember some of the heroes of those days. Good poem.

  2. Thanks Old Egg; We used to chant the 'John Bond Theme' and I've been waiting to keep the promise ever since.

  3. 'Last night' is deliberate - I was watching in Thailand, where it was shown live from 7.45 pm.

  4. Big dreams indeed - and nice poetry, thank you :)

  5. Thanks to:
    Linda; It's amazing what one win can do for morale.
    Alice; The biggest, and longest dream for half of Manchester.

  6. Ahh--it's about soccer. That's what I thought. Glory days are the same whatever sport it is.

  7. Thanks Aspiemom; English people call it 'football' ... 'The Beautiful Game' ... though sometimes... I wonder.

  8. Manchester City replaced Malcolm Allison with John Bond in 1980 after Allison let things go down hill – yes?

    Nice -- hopeful uplifting piece Stan.

    Thank you for visiting and reading my latest work. You read the two darker pieces, before I had added the uplifting segment. I invite you back to read the new uplifting portion of Ferryman

  9. Thanks Rob; You're quite right. Bond took over and City were beaten by Spurs after a replay of the centenary FA Cup. Otherwise, they had a poor season in the league.
    Invitation accepted.

  10. A good footie homage! And uplifting as well. Beautiful pics also..thanks for your visit Jae

  11. Thanks Jaerose; I hope our dreams come true.

  12. Oh when the blues go marching in...

    Nicely Stan!

  13. Thanks Andy; Come on you Blues!

  14. Hopes for triumph and glory - made me want to cheer!

  15. Thanks Dee; The cheering will have to wait a little longer.

  16. yeah....you should know the glory of the past will never be forgotten....
    for what is now we owe it to yesterday....
    god bless