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Saturday, February 20, 2010


For Haiku Bones
And NaiSaiKu Challenge?
And The American Sandwich


Nervous excitement
Fraught with anticipation
Suspense, tangible


High Definition
Six hundred twenty five gig
Digital Download
Analogue wind-up
Six hundred twenty five line
Low resolution

American Sentence

Here is an American Sentence, with just seventeen syllables.

American Sandwich

Uncontrollable laughter accompanied the comedy routine.
Everyone in the audience watched a hilarious performance.
The comedian returned to his dressing room and burst into tears.

Nano Americo^

*It’s Make Your Mind Up Time.
I love you so much; I want to spend the rest of my life by your side.
*And I mean that most sincerely.

*Two “Iota’s”; as used by Hughie Green on ‘Opportunity Knocks’.

Walls + Wires

Apples, pears, plates of meat, ginger beer, brown bread, mince pies, sausage and mash.
Unfit for human consumption.
It’s not only cheeky, chirpy, Cockney chappies who understand why.

‘Found’ American Sentence

“If there’s something you’d like to try, ask me, I won’t say no; how could I?”
From the song ‘ASK’ by THE SMITHS
From the Album ‘THE WORLD WON’T LISTEN’.


Bathing in artificial light, he was refreshed but not enlightened.
Drinking his afternoon cocktails, he preferred them shaken but not stirred.
He enjoyed comments that began with the phrase ‘Not only, but also’.

Future Proof

We blamed it on inclement weather and intimidating terrain.


  1. Stan, first, I like your poem on the prompt. I have a daughter with those feelings right now.
    I only am familiar with the common three, haiku, senryu, and tanka. Two years ago I knew none of these three either.

  2. Thanks Jim. There are many variations on the theme.
    Good luck to your daughter, if it's good news she's expecting.

  3. Hi Stan, love the Haiku bones, think I'll have a go myself, back later!

  4. Omigosh-your haiku just prompted another image for me-my border collie, crouched and ready for me to kick the ball........danger and excitement all in one.

  5. Your fist haiku is very exciting. I hope it is something good about to happen. A gold medal perhaps.

  6. Thanks to:
    Andy; I'm on the edge of my seat.
    Debra; Not the same for me - we have a Chihuahua.
    Lisa; That would be a first.

  7. Hi Stan, nicely done all the way through, I like the James Bond one and the cockney stuff!
    Well done,and just to let you know, I'm putting the new posts up at The NaiSaiKu Challenge? and The American Sandwich game.. right now!

  8. Thanks Andy; I'll post... right now!

  9. Ohmigosh, ohmigolly! These are all just terrific. Terrific, for sure!

  10. Thanks Tumblewords; Not only for yor kind words, but also for your own fine blog.

  11. Wow - such a wide variety of micropoetry all in one spot. Yowza! What fun reading.

  12. Thanks Julie; Fun is what it's all about.