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Sunday, July 12, 2009


For Sunday Scribblings


I’m lying on my favourite beach
Soaking up sun rays, breathing in scents
My three best friends are absent this year
Due to other commitments

We’d holidayed here in Ninety Six
I remember it like yesterday

Each morning we’d awake to the cry
“Surf’s up – grab your boards – let’s play!”

Never a surfer, so I’d decline
Though I’d promised to give it a go
In truth, I was scared of the ocean
And dangers that lie below

Closing my eyes, I go back in time
Reliving those moments of magic

Trespassing on happy memories
Images, dark and tragic

Suddenly, my worst fears were confirmed
From beneath the surf, Kraken rising
And twenty subterranean beasts
Intent on terrorising

Panic broke out on the crowded beach
As sunbathers scramble caused mayhem
I tried to warn my three surfing friends
Of monsters, out to slay them

My pointing and shouting were in vain
My voice wouldn’t carry that distance
Oblivious to blood-thirsty beasts
They offered no resistance

I could do nothing for those at sea
‘Natural’ disaster, so They say
Dismembered body parts washed ashore
On that fateful, fatal day

A backpacker sits down beside me
He’s travelled for years, I don’t doubt it
“If it’s your first time at this resort
I’ll tell you all about it

The beach is great, and the night-life rocks
But not as good as it used to be…
…You should have been here in Ninety Six…”

“I was…just now…you woke me”


  1. wow, if those are dreams on the beach, what must you go through at night. Don't go near the water.

  2. Clever, clever! I'd be tempted to stay awake...

  3. Ahhh Yes......... Now I know why I can't swim and I stay clear of the ocean....Oh and it was actually Seventy Six!

  4. This was great - especially the last line.

  5. yikes! Great twist to that - I could hear the theme from Jaws playing in my head LOL

  6. I loved the twist at the end. I usually stay clear of even beaches (sand between the toes) let alone that great big powerful ocean. Although I have a grandson named Ocean...

  7. hmmm... i was totally caught in here !!

  8. oh that was really great stan.. i loved that ending.. it really made me think about what it is like to relive a memory...

  9. Thanks to:
    Old Grizz; I don't get much sleep at night - perhaps that's why I dream in the day!
    Tumblewords; All that sun, going to my head!
    Whitesnake; Funny, that's just what the next guy I met said!
    Anthony North; Phew! Just a bad dream.
    Jeeves; Wish you were here?
    Granny Smith; Love beaches, hate swimming in the sea.
    Lost Mermaid; A mermaid might have saved the day!
    Paisley; The real memories are all good. Strange how time (and dreams) can distort them.

  10. Thanks Dee Martin; sorry I missed you out.
    Yes, Jaws theme; appropriate.

  11. Thanks Irene; Great beach too!

  12. Wonderful...I loved that the beginning became the ending.


  13. Thanks B; Those were the days!?