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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Matinee Muse 11 Enhanced Perspective


Precise Peter
Had a way with words
And he’d always
State it clear
He said accurate description
And articulation
Formed the essence
Of his style of speech
Now he played guitar
In a four-piece band
That he named
‘Other Hits Include…’
Carlos and Jimi
Had nothing on Peter
He could teach them
A thing or three
The first time I saw him
Perform a solo
Fingers fairly flew
From fret to fret
An improvised version
Of that old song ‘Layla’
But his vocals…
They weren’t up to much
I said “Hey Peter,
That’s a mean sounding banjo”
He looked offended
As he spoke to me
“That’s not a ‘banjo’;
That’s a classic ‘Fifty Nine
Gibson Les Paul Standard…
In Sunburst
“It looks alright to me”,
I was joking
He adopted
A condescending tone
“If one can’t distinguish
Between Formby and Clapton
Then one should just…
Keep your big gob shut.”


  1. How philosophical's that?
    You really tell 'em like it is!

  2. Thanks Andy - like it was - based (fairly loosely) on an actual event.

  3. just like a mystery no details...
    If you don't use the vocals you lose the vocals. me never could sing a note. Enjoyed your write thanks..I liked it just the way you styled it!

  4. Thanks LB; I don't even sing in the shower.
    In some people's enhanced perspective, they have to be so accurate in thoght word and deed, without ever realising how innappropriate it can often be.

  5. who are these perfect people?