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Saturday, June 21, 2008

WI Questionable, Coercion, Awakening


When? Who? What? Why? Where?

Yesterday, the day before
Tomorrow, the day after
This week, last week, next week
This year, last year, next year
When is it?
When was it?
When will it be?

Present, future, history
It is, it will be, it was
Actions and decisions
Memories - just tenses?
Who can say?
Who is right?
Who even knows?

Time will pass us by, quickly
A lifetime’s not very long
We’ll all be dead, one day
It won’t be long from now
What is death?
What is hell?
What is heaven?

Our lives will flash before us
In vivid, lurid detail
The things that we got right
The things that we got wrong
Why not this?
Why not that?
Why were we blind?

Everything is revealed
Whether we like it, or not
We will ask the questions
Will we know the answers?
Where are hopes?
Where are dreams?
Where is wisdom?



I think I would, if I could
But really, should I? Really?
It wouldn’t matter
If I couldn’t care
But I shouldn’t get it wrong

How could I have ever known?
How things really should have been?
Nobody would say
People wouldn’t tell
They just couldn’t help
It shouldn’t matter
It was I who got it wrong

Would it, should it, could it be?
Wouldn’t, shouldn’t, couldn’t see?
All that wood and not a tree.
All that good that comes from me.
All that blood I would have spilt.
The things that stood between us
All that passion in us
All I ever wanted
Next time I should get it right

...Would that you could allow me



Upside down, inside out, the wrong way round
Sound familiar?
Just like life, mine and yours. Same old, same old
There has to be more
Let’s face it together; be proactive
Things will come our way
If I act; see to things, then I can be
Better than myself
If you act; get things done, in the right way
You’ll be better too
Do you think I am right? Just a case of
Some might say we’re dreamers. We will show them
What dreams can achieve
By and by, we will find trust and respect
Make our lives complete
In no time we will prove to the doubters
There is more to life


  1. A strong sense of paranoia in these, I thought. That, and all the questions of importance.
    I loved them - especially the first one.

  2. i love the stacatto rhythm which you give your poety. And I like them all!

  3. I like how you put together the questions that humanity had been asking generation after generation in this three poems ~ we may not find the solid answers but isn't questioning prod us to find the answers. One day soon, perhaps.

    Your poem succeed to make your readers think.

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

  4. Thanks to:
    anthony north; Paranoia for sure. Maybe more so if I attempted to provide the answers.
    just jen; Think, but not dwell. A lot of questions will forever remain unanswered.
    keiths ramblings; And I think verse is the best outlet for questions, wheras prose is more for answers & explanations.
    jeques; Ignorance isn't bliss - it's pure puragatory. Alas, purgatory may be the very place we discover the answers.

  5. O what a tangled web we weave when we bein the rollercoaster of "what if" questions. You capture that conundrum well.

  6. Thanks greyscale territory; Not sure if it's just me but I'm having difficulty now posting comments to your blog. I have tried unsuccessfully on several occasions. However, sometimes I can just go ahead, no problem.
    I liked the photo/word unity of the corellia but was unable to let you know.

  7. Hi Stan, Really liked all three, the answer is 'that all will be revealed' in the first one.
    Like your take on the old 'would, could, should' theme.
    And the positive ending in 'More to Life?'

  8. many good questions stan.... so many things to definitely ponder.

    personally, i couldn't say which i liked best since i found each to be really good in its own right.

  9. ..it is as thoughtful stepping stones as we pass through life... the format was awesome and really added to the strength of your words...

  10. these three poems work well together - even read as one continuous poem. I found this line very telling - "Would that you could allow me"

  11. Many thanks to:
    Andy; Hopes, fears, doubts. Some questions remain unanswered, but it does no harm to be optimistic, where appropriate.
    rebecca; As I siad earlier,; ponder for sure, but don't dwell.
    one more believer; When you weigh things up, you get a better sense of direction. Following that path, isn't always easy.
    constance; Even if we're not actually coerced into things, we often still look for a scapegoat. It's always someone else's fault.