LEADERS - not followers

Sunday, June 15, 2008



Speaking in words I understand
Leading me along life’s highway
Taking comfort from your outstretched hand
A fleeting glimpse of yesterday
You were always right by my side
Supporting me through infant trials
Trademark of a capable guide
Serious advice; face all smiles
Grown-up wisdom, childhood lessons
Benefit of experience
A respect that never lessens
Character-building confidence
Not lost with the passage of time
Years don’t erode education
Forgetfulness would be a crime
It was a school of fascination
Now it’s my job to take the reins
Pass on this wisdom, if I can
Explain the benefits and gains
As they have coached me; boy to man
You taught me responsibility
Which I accepted gratefully
You know I’ll never let you down
Or give you cause to wear a frown


Morning horizon
A streak of brightness underscores the sky
In a symbolic representation of new life, close by.
I stare in wonder; my heart is racing, overtaking thought.
Beauty surrounds me, floods me with precious jewels that can’t be bought.
Over my shoulder, lies a mystery; the key to true wealth
Behind closed doors, a secret is waiting to reveal itself
Exhaling gently, uttering softly, I begin to say
A prayer, in essence; homage to the dawn
Of a Diamond Day.

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