LEADERS - not followers

Friday, June 13, 2008

TOP Primary


Their doubts cast shadows on the wall
Before they speak, I’ll make the call
My time is now, I’ll get it done
First time, on time, each time; no fail
The White House is my Holy Grail
I’ll try; succeed. I’m number one!

I made their methods obsolete
And now, the world is at my feet
Their loss of power is my gain
And when, at first, they don’t succeed
Don’t try again, they will not need
To contact me for work again

I hold no patent; copyright
But I will always win the fight
I wanted change and you believed
Their rigid specification
Will not test my education
Your satisfaction, guaranteed

Close attention to fine detail
Will always guarantee the sale
My strongest selling point is pride
And historical records show
Relentless work rate does not slow
Proud of my pride in my own side

And aided by my Running Mate
I’ll prove the ideal candidate
To take my place as Head of State

Achievement of my master plan
I’ll challenge each and every man
To reach my standard, if he can

From my heart, I’m a Democrat
Everyone knows my profession
But they won’t match my obsession

Men like me; few and far between
We won’t come here very often
But when we do, it will soften
Backward attitudes,
Influencing moods.


  1. And you don't get many acceptance speeches like that.

  2. Yeah, right okay, leave it with me, how do I cast my vote?

  3. I like this optimism. If only we could find people who could make good on these lofty promises and optimism!

  4. Thanks:
    anthonynorth; It's a first draft. By the time the spin doctors etc. have finished editing; well....
    andy; In secret.
    gautami tripathy; Thanks, i can always count on your support.
    susan helene gottfried; shame it's only a fictional speech - but aren't they all?

  5. Your last comment to Susan caught my attention. Where are the patriots of yesteryear? You should un for local office - who knows where you'd end up? ;)

  6. Thanks texasblu; I think I'd end up a long way from home. I'd be running away, rather than for.