LEADERS - not followers

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

More Beautiful

WI Impulse
There’s Only One

Persistent police pester prolific
Petty pilferers
Tactics teach teenage ticket touts to take
Shelter from the rain
Hushed whispers flush festering frustrations
From wind-swept faces
Senior citizens sway in the swell
Flags flap, slap and clap
Chattering children, shivering shyly
Sweep to the shrine
Wild, windy, wet weekend weather, welcomes
Faithful followers
Clinging cautiously, clustered companions
Combat cold and crowd,
Willingly waiting, anticipating
The Saturday scene
Battling gangs, bearing grudges, bond and group;
Banish grievances
Sympathies merge in single-minded song
‘There’s only one…’…what?
One spirit; one voice; one passion…one love…
…The Beautiful Game


  1. Lovely Lyrical Alliteration
    Produces Pleasing Rhythm
    To The Poem . :)

  2. I am sucker for alliterations and internal rhyming!


  3. Do I sense a football match in the offing here?

  4. O what a fun way of playing with the music of words. And it all makes wonderful sense!



  5. Appreciation for the appreciation.
    shubd; I hope I've put a little atmosphere into ' a bunch of people waiting in line in bad weather'.
    gautami tripathy; and I'm a sucker for spending many a Saturday afternoon braving the elements to witness the event.
    Anthonynorth; The Kippax carpark - late seventies, early eighties. That's Maine Road, Manchester. Yes, some would say football was played there.
    Gemma;It may not make the same kind of sense when I reveal that this is the crowd waiting to watch Manchester City

  6. looks like a weekend match, and your comment above confirmed it.

    i liked alliteration too.

  7. Thanks totomai;
    You're right - and that's before a ball has been kicked