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Saturday, April 4, 2015

NaPoWriMo 2015 - Day 4


The train too fast
The bus too slow
I didn’t really
Want to go
The light to right
The time too wrong
Don’t take photo’s
Must run along
The waves too low
The tide too high
Be hours before
The sand is dry
The pier too short
The beach too long
We’d walk them both
But we’re not strong
The sea too cold
The sun too hot
My ice cream’s melting
Quite a lot
The dunes too dry
The surf too wet
There must be somewhere
Just right yet
The rocks too hard
The sand too soft
Stuck in this deck chair
Can’t get off
The kids too young
The wife too old
Can’t get it through
They won’t be told
The boobs too big
The cozzy too small
Now I know what
The butler saw
The will too weak
The draw too strong
The one armed bandit
Sings my song
The chips too fat
The fish too thin
It’s nearly time
To get them in
The beer too good
The food too bad
Let’s just get pissed
Or I’ll go mad
The blokes too smooth
The birds too rough
We’ll go home soon
I’ve had enough
The price to rich
The wage too poor
We won’t be coming
Back no more

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