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Saturday, May 3, 2014


At one bus shelter
I thought it was all over
Fat lady singing…


It may have just been the start of it though, because… talking about bus shelters, and fat ladies… … six months earlier, at a completely different bus shelter, I bumped into Fat Kate, and her equally fat flatmate. They were stood in wait for… yes, you guessed it… the number 88… Two fat ladies on their way to the Slimming Club.

Now, I always got on well with Fat Kate, and it’s true to say, Fat Kate always had a bit of a soft spot for me… Oh yeah, it was 48” in circumference…! But over recent weeks, I’ve been getting used to seeing, quite literally, less and less of now only ‘Slightly Overweight’ Kate and her ‘Less Fat’ flatmate, as the pounds have been flying off!  And… in an odd kind of a way, the smaller Kate gets, the more she grows on me!

FFWD to the present date…

…And I’ve been seeing Kate for eight weeks straight… Now it’s ‘Kiss me Kate’ and I’m feeling great! Tonight though, ‘my’ Kate, and her, now aptly described, Flat mate have got a date… with their gym instructor… But hold on, wait, the number 88 doesn’t stop at the gymnasium’s gate, but Kate and her mate won’t be late, if they hop on board the number… 11, appropriately enough… (Two slim ladies)!

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