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Wednesday, August 11, 2010



The 30 word wordle is displayed on Man Ray's famous photo. You vill use all of zee vurds and you vill not vinje and vine (Barbra Seville)This is the first of the SPOTLIGHT SERIESThe SPOTLIGHT POEM requires you to answer questions about the meaning of your poemand its origin. If the subject is one you do not wish to discuss best not submit it for a spotlight poem. Please be mindful that this is not a critique exercise.I understand that most of us do not wish to explain or analyse our work. I am opposed to this concept in theory as individual interpretation can be just as valid as the poem's intention. And, of course the more imaginative you are the more off course and wild your interpretations can be. However just occasionally to satisfy the curiosity of certain poets (Viv) I thought it would be fun to know the intention of the poet and how wildly off course our interpretations may be.Before asking the questions you might like to state what you think the poem might mean to see how connected or disconnected you are to the original poem. For those of you who like to write or read cryptic poetry (Francis) this should be fun!

I made it 32…
I spotted a couple of f-words in there…


Sparrow song greets Monday morn
The little bird gives the boy
an anniversary tip

“A bud flowers on this day
Whiter than white innocence
abandons its girdle grip”

Hallway promise awaiting
removes peach stone from dry throat
brings joy to the heart; a glow

Maiden voyager’s frisson
Fingers wobble nervously
Logs on… Lap-top trickle… slow

Rude twaddle, f-words ensue
… The kid is known for his lip

Slowly the tulle-like haze lifts
Net confusion just a blip

Feeling light as a feather
Happy to know he knows he
Rose above anxiety

Burn to compact, smooth as silk
High time – High tea, teatime high
Do we know the reason why…?
Nine years old on August nine
Complete with home computer
Happy birthday to Changnoi

It couldn’t be more simple
Now a disc-burning demon
Downloading first for the boy

Note; Changnoi doesn’t swear… in English…


  1. An auspicious occasion, indeed. Happy 9th Chang Noi! May your last year in the single digit numbers see your fingers flying freely over your new keyboard.
    Great piece, Stan. I love it!

  2. Thanks Brenda; It's taken him two days to learn what it took me 20 years...

  3. Happy bd to the younger elephant, Stan.

    Good use of the wordle

  4. Thanks B; Literally translated, Changnoi means Elephant Small... He had a great day.

  5. Lucky Birthday Boy. Great present. Wish you were my Dad!

  6. Thanks Rall; I'm just happy he's happy.

  7. No questions. Just enjoyment of your inventiveness with a strange bunch of words.

    Happy birthday to the elephant cub. Nine is a good age to be.

  8. Exceedingly interesting use of the given words in an entirely modern setting.And a Happy Birthday wish, too!

  9. Thanks to:
    ViV; 30 words given limits the number of questions about motivation for what we write.
    Jinksy; I was unable to work another usage for 'morn' - 'logs', 'lap', 'burn' and 'compact' were a nice bit of timing for me.

  10. Great wordle usage, Stan! And belated birthday greetings to Changnoi. Does this mean you get more time on your computer?!

  11. Thanks Derrick; Yes, and I'll need it just to clean up the mess he made.

  12. Stan great use of the words and happy birthday to your boy!

  13. It sounds like Changnoi had a pretty special birthday, his golden one. Thanks for sharing this moment with us.

  14. Thanks to:
    Pamela; I'll pass on your greeting.
    Francis; He'll appreciate your comment.

  15. great use of words Stanski...thanks again for sharing your words...and Changnoi sounds like a poem to me....what a wonderful name... hope he haves a GRRRRREAT year...happy trails

  16. Thanks Wayne; Lots more happy times to come.

  17. POW has passed away. It was untimely but quick.
    Thankyou for you participation and enjoyable poems Stan.May Basil and Manuel guide you through life!See ya.

  18. Thanks Rall; Later mate... take it easy.