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Thursday, August 26, 2010


For Three Word Wednesday
And Friday Flash 55


Not two seasons into his leadership, the once popular captain had allowed his halo to slip, triggering a decline in form.
The team’s ability to recover and mount a serious title challenge now rested on a wing and a prayer.
A collective decision was made to abstain from voting him in for a third season.


  1. Hm...someone's excited about football season beginning, perhaps?

  2. Thanks to:
    Deborah; So glad you liked it.
    Ann; You got me sussed...

  3. Clever. What happened to loyalty under duress?

  4. Thanks to:
    Coraline; Every dog has his day.
    Nara; Ambition got in the way.

  5. we do tend to love winners, don't we? As a human collective that is. Sad, but true.


  6. We never have controversy with our sports figures here in the states. Never. Isn't that right? Tiger? Kobi? Ben? Nothing but upstanding citizens here, yup. Great 55, Stan. My 55 is HERE .

  7. Ahhh... Real football. Not like how we do it in the States. Great 55!

    55 Flash Fiction Friday: Time Out

  8. Thanks to:
    Jannie; But we do also like to cheer the underdog.
    Monkey Man; Controversy is what it's all about.
    13th; I won't talk about the World Cup...

  9. Always a tough job. Captain always carries the brunt of the team stuff.

    Nice 55

    Changing Tide

    moon smiles

  10. better to bail...perhaps we shall see...and easy to shoot for the head when things are going wrong...nice 55.

  11. Sounds ironically like U of M...
    Excellent 55 Stan..
    I catch the drift.
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  12. Thanks to:
    Moondustwriter; Always a scapegoat...
    Brian; Captains and sinking ships...
    G-Man; It could be loosely based on a few leaders currently in the news.

  13. Nice one. It's that time again :-)

  14. So he's gonna walk the plank huh? Or maybe he is going to be forced to walk it hmmm :) Very clever my friend :) Have a great Friday :)

  15. Thanks to:
    Anthony; Always 'that time' as far as I'm concerned.
    Thaom; Push or fall - he's on his way out...
    Scots Lass; No I in team.

  16. Your 55 made me laugh out loud. Thanks!
    Mine's here

  17. Thanks C&C; Could be... or juggle the numbers - could be Mr. Obama... ... ... ?

  18. Not so good a captain then ...
    great 55

  19. Oh, can't be anyone here. ;-) A Kiwi friend once said to me "Not to worry. You Americans always turn it right." Sailing? Politics? Who's to say.

  20. This is an intriguing 55. Could be almost anyone. Captains come from all walks of life. Nicely done and mysterious.

  21. Thanks to:
    Enchanted Oak; Glad it got you smiling.
    Dulce; They don't always live up to expectations.
    PattiKen; Sadly, it could be anyone, anywhere.
    Cheryl; I was thinking football, but realised that it had almost limitless applications.

  22. The fall of a leader is never pleasant. Great 55.

  23. Ah, football. I'm not especially a fan though I yell for my home 49ers and, having been to nursing school in New Orleans some 42 years ago and with many friends still there, I root for the Saints. I was thrilled with their Super Bowl victory and I even watched them beat the Chargers tonight with that last exciting five second interception and touchdown.

    Mine is at: http://rnsane.blogspot.com/2010/08/flash-55-friday-happy-28th-birthday.html#links

  24. Thanks to:
    Mama Zen; It was on the cards...
    Teresa; There are good leaders and bad leaders.
    RNSANE; Neutral or true to one team, it's all about love of the game.

  25. For a moment while I was reading your post I thought you were actually quoting the news or making a commentary, till I realized that it was the post for g-mans 55er. It seemed to have so much truth to what you were saying.

    Nicely done,


  26. Poor chap... had he shown some more enthusiasm perhaps, and the story could've been slightly better for him...

    A very realistic 55!!!

  27. Ah, that was really cool.. perform or perish.. yes..

    Do visit me for a laugh if you wish to have one..Earlier to that is 3ww.

  28. Here I am, better late than never!

    I humbly admit that I am not really much of a sports chick, and therefore the vast majority of sports metaphors hit me with a dead empty clang.
    Same with politics, in case that was an alternate direction you were taking this. :)

    That said, my favorite line is the one about how he allowed his "halo to slip".
    Funny how often that seems to happen these days.

    It always amazes me, the variety that everyone comes up with on these every Friday. What fun! :)

    My Friday 55 was posted here yesterday. I'm just now getting around to visiting everyone. :)