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Friday, June 4, 2010


For Big Tent Poetry

This week’s prompt
Earlier this week, the moon rose full and orange. It was gorgeous, and instead of worrying about werewolves or the other crazies that are supposed to be out and about during a full moon, I wanted to be one. Call it the pull of the moon or full moon fever, but as that glowing orb rose, the urge to do something wild and unpredictable grew like a daisy in time-lapse photography!
I’m not going to tell you if I did or did not indulge my urge to join the ranks of the wild and crazy, but I will put it into a poem. And that’s your job this week.
Write about something you would love to do but have never dared. Maybe you are indeed a poet who lives on the edge. Choose one of your greatest adventures and put it in a poem. Never ventured over to the dark side? Make something up! Keep us guessing. To quote Mary Oliver in “The Summer Day,” “Tell me, what is it you plan to do/ with your one wild and precious life?”


Full moon on the rise
Another day over
And nothing done but the day

So much more to life
Than nine to five routine
Wasted weekends down the pub
Pressure, pastimes, plans
Two weeks in Majorca
Saving for a rainy day
Disillusioned dreams
Unfulfilled ambitions
Searching for the perfect day
Staring at the night
Eyes and mind wide open
Affordable luxury

My first trip to Asia
Indian sub-continent

East, to Thailand; settled
The country I now call home
Childhood memories
A game I used to play
In my imagination
I’d transport myself
To my favourite place
Where all things were possible
Live life to the full
Laughing, learning, loving
Happily ever after

I like to think that
I’d imagined that place
To be right where I am now


  1. Oh, I like this VERY much. It captures the real and the dreams, and leads the reader to remember their own imagined places and their own present moment.

  2. And proving categorically that the light of a full moon is a good thing - dreams like yours are well worth having.


  3. Thanks to:
    Nan; It would be interesting to see the comparisons an contrasts.
    ViV; Moon or not, as kids we often used to sit out at night watching the stars and dreaming.

  4. sometimes daring to dream is the most daring act!

  5. Stan, I am glad you are in the place now that you hope you had dreamed about when you were a child. That's happiness, I think. Dream fulfilled.

  6. Enjoyed how you demonstrated that a dream can walk right into reality! Lovely piece of writing!

  7. Stan dreams can come true! Wonderful post!

  8. I dream under the moon or on the moon often - have to!!!

  9. Never can tell where moonbeams will take you—not only in dreams, but in real life. Wonderful, bold, full of life poem.

  10. I love Thailand. Have been there twice and will return. I was last there on the King's birthday, picked the perfect pink shirt to wear to the Grand Palace.

    This poem is great! And you're right, there is more to life than 9 to 5, for sure. Enjoy the country you now call home.

  11. Oh Yay! This poem made me clap. Ha! Stan, this is rich stuff. It tells about you on a soulful level. Happiness breeds happiness. Your words touch lives. ~Brenda

  12. Thanks to:
    Carolee; He who dares wins.
    Mary; Happiness, fulfilment, and so much more.
    GT; Sometimes life can be more magical than dreams.
    Pamela; This one did.
    Moondustwriter; Without dreams we would achieve nothing.
    Linda; Reality checks can work both ways.
    Dianne; Bangkok is great, but if you can, checck out other parts of the country and see the real Thailand.
    Tumblewords; I hope so!
    Brenda; That's the best kind of compliment.

  13. "Staring at the night
    Eyes and mind wide open
    Affordable luxury"

    Beautiful stanza -- the entry into living a dream.

  14. Thanks Deb; The best things in life are free.

  15. Nothing like a man, satisfied. A lovely sight and sound, Stan. Bravo.

  16. Thanks Linda; You have to grab your chances.

  17. So lovely how you've managed to live your dreams, even ones you didn't know you had...this was written very well!

  18. Thanks Cynthia; It felt like home from the moment I arrived.

  19. Good for you.That is a great feeling finding your spiritual home.You are a very lucky ducky!That means you don't want to be anywhere else. I wonder how many people actually live in their spiritual home.I like the contast with your life before in London.

  20. Thanks Rall; It kind of found me... and before was Manchester - can't you tell by my accent?