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Friday, January 16, 2009

WI Just Around The corner

Updated 15 Feb for TOP – Coin a New Word

No newly coined word from me, but an entirely new method
of communication develops in a recent post that takes the
concept of word verification to its absurd extreme


When the curtain is drawn down
On ears that refuse to hear
And voices that will not speak
Then eyes that no longer see
Can no more bear false witness
To the illusionists lies

When they do away with words
The silent minority
Have just cause to celebrate

Not one syllable stated
No debate, no argument
Muted moral victory
A quiet satisfaction

An unspoken prophecy
Fulfilled by unchecked default
Unwritten suicide note
Undelivered, unaddressed
Language’s self-destruction
Assisted by apathy

The process begins with speech
Complacently corrupted
Silent H’s, G’s and T’s
Word mispronunciations

Ignored communications
Inarticulate voices
Colloquial expressions
That nobody understands

Deaf ears, dismissed instructions
Render vocals obsolete
Illegible handwriting
Transmitted to printed words
Completes the transformation

But few will even notice
Because eyes will be tight shut

When the sun no longer shines
And eternal darkness reigns
Over disillusioned eyes
Voices will no longer speak
Because ears don’t want to hear
That the end is soon to come

Defiant in denial
A new beginning beckons
Human nature steers its course

In the place of sights and sounds
Tactile communication
Expressing thoughts in feelings
Touching hands and hearts and minds

Inspiring understanding
Subconsciously accepted
By subliminal consent
All hands are joined together
All hearts beat in unison
And all minds become as one

Future, present, history
Height, length, width; irrelevant
Thus condensing time and space
To a single dimension

Senses dulled, but sense sharpened
Witnessing without seeing
Speaking though never talking
Listening without hearing

Ambiguity banished
Controversy defeated
The blind are blind no longer
Mute voices are amplified
And the deaf, at last, can hear

Mankind – created equal –
Recreates equality

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Naisaiku a new word coined by Wendy Naisa.
CLKNCHK, or do I mean Click and check?
Meanwhile. Here’s something that tickled me.
I thought it was worth repeating

I heard it said on TV
‘Blasphemy’, surely?
‘Blasphemy’, surely?
I heard it said on TV

But seriously – isn’t the beauty of the
English language it’s flexibility?


  1. The corporate consciousness, perhaps?

  2. Thanks Andy; Just a feeling I get.

  3. English is indeed a wonderful language

  4. This is Fantastic!

    ...and thanks for the mention!

  5. love the ease you exhibit in language !!

  6. An interesting concept - feast or famine... morphed and morphed again. Good read. And the Naisaiku is, as always, superb.

  7. An interesting idea! Your exaggeration does it justice. Love the "Unwritten suicide note."

  8. Thanks to:
    Jeeves; Use it or lose it.
    Wendy; Or perhaps incredible...? No problem - NaisaiKu is your creation.
    Pretty Me; It comes in handy sometimes.
    Tumblewords; You never know...
    You can 'learn' a lot watching TV.
    Linda Jacobs; Language is often corrupted to the point it's hardly worth listening to.