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Thursday, January 22, 2009

TOP Ceremonies


Tradition dictates a ceremony
Speeches, parades and pageantry
Custom and practice; habitual
Oath of Office; a ritual

Once the theatricals, parties are through
Duty dictates a job to do
Breaking tradition; be first in all things
So all can come first; a dream fit for King
Priority issues, economy, wars
Global Green worries the World ignores
Each day a fresh page in history
So don’t ever stand on ceremony

The first hundred days will act as a gauge
Be proactive; first to engage
Rise to the challenge with dignity
Embrace each task with humility
Approach the doubts of the critical
With an attitude, analytical
Perform to your best ability
Modestly; without ceremony

First amongst equals, the first to achieve
First term in office, a change we believe
Given a second term, what irony
No need to change the ‘Change’ policy


  1. Hi Stan, on form as ever, a warning to the wise, perhaps!

  2. Change IS the currency of the day. Nicely said.

  3. Thanks to:
    Andy; I think a lot of people are looking for a way out of the current global situation and the new US administration could be the answer - here's hoping.
    Anthony North; A combination of the elements that prompted the prompt.
    Tumblewords; The campaign slogan increased in relevance by the day.

  4. well i am under the assumption that it took us years to get into this mess and it will take us years to get out... but change in the form of progress will be a wonderful thing,, if and when it materializes....

    excellently written.....

  5. Change is definitely important. Without it, we can't move forward.

  6. Ceremony has certainly been on our minds!

  7. Thanks to:
    Paisley; There will be no quick fix, but expectations are high.
    Cam; And surely now is the time to make that move.
    Rinkly Rimes; Now it's time to get down to business.

  8. Hi, here from "TOP"
    I like the advice of "no drama" after the ceremony. To carryout change, to perform the actions needed to change. Well-said.

    (I'm a quirky one for details and enjoy puns. Word verification says "sensur"; well we writers, most of us anyway, do not believe in "censor!")

  9. Hi Gel and thanks;
    No drama is also a play on his name. The change we have to beleive, is that things, all things, will improve. Time will tell.

  10. haha, the first four lines are awesome. lol

    ceremonies ceremonies, why do we have to attend lots. :-)

  11. Thanks to:
    Totomai; We need to remember the reasons for them.
    Linda Jacobs;I think we all get the message, but we need action.