LEADERS - not followers

Thursday, May 1, 2008

TOP Like a Cowbird

Fair Weather Friends

Brutal but clever
Birds of a feather
Choose surrogates for their brood
They don’t even watch
As their own eggs hatch
And others provide the food

A similar trait
And one we all hate
Displayed by some we call friends
Who live to receive
Flatter to deceive
Merely a means to their ends

Isn’t it funny?
When it gets sunny
That’s when these leeches appear
They stick to your back
And feel like a sack
But not full of Christmas cheer

According to climate
Leech becomes primate
Not a chip on your shoulder
Monkey on your back
Always ‘all right Jack’
Acceptance makes them bolder

When weekends seem wet
It’s an odds-on bet
They’re gone in a cloud of dust
They’re fair weather friends
They’ll grab what life sends
Taking advantage of trust

Use plenty of salt
If you want to halt
Parasites; it’s better for
Getting rid of pests
With selfish interests
More than just a metaphor


  1. Yeah,
    I like the concept 'fairweather friends' in fact I like it so much I'll take it with a pinch of salt!

  2. thanks andy; it'll take more than just a pinch for full protection.

  3. very clever,, and so much fun to read!!

  4. Yeah, so very true! I like the rhyme scheme you used in the poem!

  5. A poem we can read as the receiver or the giver, and a good lesson to remember. Lots of punch rhymes!

  6. Thanks to;
    paisley; It's a light hearted look at one of life's irritations
    linda jacobs; We all know people like this
    christine; yes, and I'm sure we've all been guilty of lots of other things we criticise