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Sunday, August 1, 2010


For We Write Poems

Irene Toh bring us a different sort of challenge this week,
one that will prove to be quite fun I suspect.
Irene says, “Write a poem that revisits the Red Riding Hood fairy tale.
You can change the story, or question the assumptions behind the fairy tale,
eg why doesn’t the wolf eat Red Riding Hood in the forest when he first met her?,
why does the author allow fantasy, such as that the wolf can be cut up
and the grandmother and the Red Riding Hood emerge unhurt,
or wonder what Red Riding Hood stands for, such as if wearing a red hood is significant,
or question the innocence of Red Riding Hood,
eg why does she not go straight to grandmother’s house as her mother instructed
but chose to wander? Or you can revisit another fairy tale altogether!”
Spend the week on this prompt, then come back on Wednesday
to post your links to your poems.
See you there!


Don’t forget, we’re having Gran here for dinner
She likes flowers on her dining table
And she’ll be expecting you home… for dessert

She’s so sick now, she’s hard to recognize
So don’t ask her about those new dentures of hers
Or she’s likely to swallow you whole

You know how snappy she can get

And I’m so hungry; I could wolf down a pig
Though the thought of it makes me huff and puff
Because pork is so overrated

And besides, those little chicks are easier
They tend not to disagree with me
But perhaps we’ll sit down to a fat old bird

Which reminds me – I’m spitting feathers

And my stomach hangs heavy as a stone
Is she listening? Where has she gone now?
I hope she’s hunting for the Evian

No…? Oh well, at a push I could get my own…