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Monday, February 22, 2010


For ABC Wednesday
And Monday Poetry Train Revisited


FUNNY, as in ‘serious’
How Official Documents
Such as Death Certificates
Hold FICTION, stranger than FACT

Take the case of Mrs. ‘F’
Never a day of illness
No need to see a doctor
Not for the money they charge

Poor as a hungry church-mouse
Happy as the day was long
FIT as a FIDDLE one day
Looked like death warmed up the next

FIRST to go was her eyesight
Weeks later, she lost her mind
‘FRIENDS’ didn’t seem to notice
Her whole life was in FREE-FALL

She died one FRIDAY morning
Cremated that afternoon
Records stated ‘Cause of Death
FATAL FLAWS of advanced age’

No-one knows who’s signature
Adorns the unwitnessed FORM
Mrs. ‘F’ an OAP?
She was FORTY nine years old!