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Saturday, August 8, 2009

New Visa

For Sunday Scribblings - New
And reposted for ABC Wednesday


*Thai-Lao Friendship spanning Mae Nam Khong*
Unveils course to Vientiane Capital

Sprawling, low-rise, Lao community
Waiting Room for Consular Consent
Embassy ‘extension’ exercise
Passport stamp; permission to return

Vacuum-filling Tourist lip-service
Tuk-tuk Temple Trip – Wat Sisaket

Later – Lured by ‘Love Shack’ liquid lunch
Boei Lao pitchers poured in Lao ‘Beirut’
Samlor ride for refills in…‘Samlor
Mao in Lao – Thanks so much ‘Khop Chai Deur’

Hurdles cleared…Hangover; Consul Queue
Visa granted – Mission a success
Next stop – Nongkhai; prior to pushing south
Isan ‘Welcome Home’…well worth the wait


Vignette, Vis-à-Vis Vapid Vacation:

Vital Visa Verification
Veto’s Voluntary Visit

Vagabond ‘VIP’ Van
-Voyagers Vehicle-

Vientiane; Village Vast

Veni; Vidi…;



*The Friendship Bridge, across the Mekong River, links Thailand and Laos
Vientiane is the capital of Laos
Tuk-tuk is a motorised rickshaw
Wat Sisaket is a temple in Vientiane
Love Shack is the nick-name for a jerry-built bar/restaurant in Vientiane
Boei Lao is Beer Lao
Lao ‘Beirut’ is a shanty street on the bank of the Mekong
Samlor means ‘3 wheels’ – official word for ‘Tuk-tuk’
‘Samlor’ is the name of a bar in Vientiane
Mao means ‘drunk’
Khop Chai Deur is a bar in Vientiane – its name means ‘Thank you very much’
Nongkhai is the border town on the Thai side of the Mekong
Isan is the name given to North-eastern Thailand