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Sunday, August 23, 2009


For Monday Poetry Train Revisited


Long time waiting for rain to stop
Glance through window for a forecast
Biting wind brings winter to May
Obstinate clouds attach to sky
Then a crack in the old man’s face
Lips of cloud part in a smile
A fleeting flash of an idea
As a steady shaft of warmth exudes

Not even the wind dare disturb it

A memory of former glory?
Or a promise of summer to come?
Just as the promise you broke last year?
Or is it a declaration?
A battle cry to win the day
And prove your personality
Is strong enough to rule the sky
Undiluted by wind and rain?

An eye appears and opens wide
Then another follows suit
The smile becomes a gaping yawn
Blows hard into the stubborn wind
Dispersing grey, revealing blue
Transforming winter into spring

One day…two personalities