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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Wordle #169

For Sunday Whirl

In a room where lies are manufactured
Their honors present their lackluster Bills
Deceiving millions in the process
A little bit cheeky if you ask me
As you can see I'm on nobody's side
But I've gone and shot my mouth off again
What could eclipse this piece of bravado?
I'll go take a hike and cut my own throat...


  1. But would anyone notice? Not the idiots in those rooms that's for sure

  2. And the suffering of their honors must continue :(

  3. There are so many rooms as you describe. Greedy, power hungry weak people that have few if any moral values. The voting public are merely another commodity to deal in. Now the plan for change is...?

  4. The politicians with all their talk but at the back of their minds are the readiness to benefit from office. Brave take Stan!


  5. OK. Remind me to walk in a different part of the woods. And different back rooms.

  6. Don't cut your throat. It won't do any good. I'm not sure anything will. Nice work on this one!