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Monday, October 22, 2012


For Sunday Whirl
This weeks words are:
Shelter, Cafe, Job, Happening, Guide,
Score, Fern, Face, Sturdy, Peanuts,
Handle, Recommend, Cabinet


Seeking shelter from the rain
Enter internet cafe

Need a job - what's happening?
Online guide will know the score

"Twelve thousand species of fern
Require replant to face south
Steady graft for sturdy guy
Permanent post"... Pays peanuts!

Yours if you can handle it
Wouldn't recommend it though...

File that in your cabinet!


  1. File cabinet...didn't think of that.

  2. File that in your cabinet... lol reminds me of an English expression 'Put that in your pipe and, smoke it'...lol (in other words,...up yours)...lol
    Good poem. Well said

  3. Thanks Annell; The words were a bit tricky this week.
    Thanks DaydreamErrol; You got it right... :)

  4. Stan, I like your use of cabinet here. I found that word a bit pesky. Who would want a job like that anyhow! It is nice to see you joining us over at the whirl. You always pop-up unexpectedly. I hope life is treating you well.


  5. Thanks Pamela; I've been better but...
    Good to be back doing this and catching up with old friends.

  6. Whenever I have looked at the want ads, I come away so discouraged! Seems like they all pay peanuts! Well wordled, Stan!

  7. Thanks Marianne; Your encouragement gives me job satisfaction ;)

  8. I think most of us know about 'peanuts' in pay and in eating because that's just about all we can afford to eat.

    As said - well wordled!

    Thanks for your nice comment and visit. I didn't even start this particular story verse with a whirl list, but it had turned into a unique adventure. I regularly take out my shoe horn and make the word list fit :)

  9. Thanks Jules; ...And it fits so well...!

  10. I have not taken the opportunity to visit your site, and I am so glad I did - if only to read this Wordle! It is wonderful and inventive and unexpected - and goes in a completely and far less mundane direction than mine did. I really loved your use of "fern!>

    Wonderful work, and I'm glad to find you!

  11. Love it Stan! Had me smiling all the way thru. Hey...it's a job. :)

  12. Thanks Paula; I'll be over to yours...
    Thanks Veronica; You're right, it's a job... I'll take it...!