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Saturday, November 27, 2010


For Writer’s Island prompt #31 2010


Although not American
On this day, especially
I have reason to recall
And reasons to be grateful

Funny how you remember…
(Some things, you just don’t forget)
Must be fifteen years ago
… Seems like only yesterday

You didn’t ask me for it
But I knew you wanted it
You didn’t even say it
But it was clear you meant it

Just an item of clothing
But you folded it, neatly
Tucked it into bed with you
Probably dreamt about it

It was such a privilege
I’m eternally grateful
For having witnessed such an
Expression of gratitude


  1. What a beautiful thought - from the giver as well a the recipient. I'm so glad you're back among us.

  2. Stan,
    What a lovely poem about gratitude.
    Agreed nice to have you back.

  3. I liked this very much, many times it is not what is given but the consideration and thought that went into it, you expressed that beautifully.

  4. For to give of ourselves is the greatest of gifts, not in the items given.

  5. nice to read something from you again Stan. sabaidee mai kap?

    such a tender post about gratitude.