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Sunday, December 27, 2009


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DEC 25, 2009

Just another Friday night
In rural Village Isan
Same as any other night
Perhaps a little cooler

Family gathered with friends
Around a simple table
A simple meal of Somtam
Simply served with Sticky Rice

Offered by those with nothing
To those who have even less
Exchanging gifts of friendship
Is the Isan way of life

For an after dinner drink
The Milk of Human Kindness
It tastes just like happiness
Only much more delicious


  1. You bring to life a simple exchange. It awakens awareness for me of what we take for granted and others cherish. Beautifully done.

  2. i love the sense of gratitude in this. for the simple things. makes life more delicious!

  3. Thanks to:
    Catherine Denton; It doesn't have to be Christmas to share the joys of life.
    Floreta; Some have nothing to give, but are still prepared to share.

  4. Just love this, Stan! Your closing stanza is so joyful.

  5. This is almost a tearjerker with the true value of hospitality and sharing so well described. Enjoyed it enormously.

  6. There is something very special about sitting together and sharing food around a table isn't there, something social and nourishing given.

  7. Thanks to:
    Julia Smith; And so humbling to witness.
    Old egg; Sometimes the least expensive things have the highest value.
    Americanising Desi; The prompt for this is all around me, all thje time.
    Linda May; Yes, it doesn't matter too much about the what or where - more about who you are with.
    Richard; Pretty much sums up life in this part of the world.

  8. I don't like the cliche 'less is more' but I feel it's totally appropriate having read your delightful piece.

  9. Thanks Keith; It's all about quality, not quantity.

  10. i first think of the monks after reading the poem...

    somtam, one of my faves thai food

  11. Thanks to:
    Nancy; It's an attitude you can get used to.
    Totomai; Monks play an important role in daily life.
    Somtam - aroi mark!

  12. I have never tasted somtam but this makes me want to - wonderful picture of hospitality and the most basic of human needs shared.

  13. I'd totally give up a lot of the material stuff I have in favor of friendship and hospitality.

  14. Love that last stanza, especially "For an after dinner drink/The Milk of Human Kindness."

    Thank you for sharing this.

  15. Thanks to:
    Dee Martin;Pappaya salad - spicy, bitter, sour - but surprisingly, perhaps, tasty.
    Susan Helene Gottfried; And lead a simple, but fulfilling life.
    Yousei Hime; It flows all around us.