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Tuesday, February 19, 2013


For d'verse open link night #84


Back in UK AV broadcast history
All we had as kids was monochrome TV
Single channel tune-in to the BBC
Later upgrade that enabled ITV

'Wireless' just meant 'radio' back in the day
AM/FM disco bopping forty-five airplay
All change with the future looming Y2K
Music volume pumped up twenty four hours every day

Years later...

We watched JVC
We had double D
Then came DVD
To our LCD

And today

We've got DAB
Also DAT
Watching VOD
We can PPV

Not to mention Terabyte Technology
Tablet, i-Pod, Mobile Phone and home PC
Image upload and download in full HD
Microchip updates facilitate 3D

Slower mode megapix
Overload of pop chart mix
Throw enough until it sticks
Sell your soul to get your kicks

Slow motion replay
No notion DJ
Do you hear what we say?
Auction it on ebaY!

Internet connection
Virus infection
Maintenance inspection
PC resurrection

Bio logic?
Geo logic?
Patho logic?
Where's the logic?

Pro logic
Psycho logic

Techno Logic