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Sunday, May 1, 2011


For One Single Impression - Borders
And Sunday Scribblings - Cake


Friday sunshine in that London
South of the North-South divide

Mouths open wide... in awe? Or is it for
Cup cakes, tea cakes, just like Ma'am makes?
Or a cup of tea and a slice of cake?

Highland pipers, piping out
The icing on the cake - Kiss me Kate
That wedding gown - the talk of the town
Designed by the last queen of Scotland
Makes you look dainty as a fairy
... Or some fairly Great Escape artist

Oh William, it was royally nothing!
Just some old thing I threw on
Had it since I was crowned McQueen
Miss Happy Meals, Two Thousand and One

This day has all the ingredients
(All the greed and ignorance)
Just don't mention the Battenburg
So many layers could emerge
And I do have a figure to maintain
So I'll refrain, on this Occasion
With the Nation looking on

Of course I want to have and to hold... it
But those commoners - we'll let them eat it!