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Friday, January 1, 2010


For Sunday Scribblings - A New Leaf
And posted to Naisaiku Challenge?
And The American Sandwich


Readers, watchers, avid fans
Of Space Age books and movies
Brought up on Science Fiction
Stories that got ‘Lost In Space’

Stories that informed us
The Future would arrive
In time for Century Twenty One
Year Two Thousand; Y2K

Extra-Terrestrial beings
Of Superior Intellect
Provide the opportunity
To take the initiative

Miracle cures for all ailments
Telepathic transportation
Sophisticated computers
That speak and think like us

Robot/Android workforce
Paper a thing of the past
War consigned to History
Famine and Poverty too

A decade of ‘Future’ later
Ten years passed are now past tense
Sick commuters with sick computers
Millions starve; Wars rage on

Anti-climax despite ‘Giant Leaps’
That sadly fell short of the mark
Newspaper headline this New Year
‘It Isn’t The Future Yet!’


Casual stroll of mis-spent youth precedes the frantic sprint of old age.
Along the way to what we make of our time, most of it is wasted.
Finish line in sight now and it seems people are dying to get there.


Older and wiser
Another decade passes
New Year Twenty Ten
New Year Twenty Ten
Another decade passes
Older…sure; wiser…?