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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

TOP Revisitation


“Let’s have your last orders, gentlemen, please!”

The lady licensee was heard to yell
It’s ten twenty five, on a busy Thursday night
Five more minutes till the final bell.

“Here’s a shipping order for my favourite hostess
From a crew of thirsty punters wanting more
Pour a bucketful of Lager for the under eighteens
Stood there gagging, outside the back door
Bob’ll have a go at another pint of Mixed
In a Tall Hat, if you please
Add a pint of Snakebite on top of that
And a Vodka, with a Twist, not a Squeeze
They’re both for Poison Percy, the paralytic poet
He’s been supping steadily since half past five
If the venom is effective, he can chase it with the serum
He’ll be lucky if he makes it home alive.
The Captain’ll be drinking a Black and Tan
Old Arthur’s is a Double Brandy
Just for a change, I’ll try something different
Make mine a Drambuie Shandy
John just wants his Unusual
And Fred said make his a Cold’un
Take one for yourself, and ring it up
I know you’re partial to a pint of Golden…
How much, luv…? Is there any after-hours?
We all fancy a lock-in tonight
We’re never any hassle, and we’ll make it worth your while…
…You’re a darlin’ – here’s a score …call it right.”