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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Isn't It?

For WI 3 ‘Breaking Through’
MM 15 ‘Indomitable Spirit’, ‘Rise of a Champion’.


He’d tell me to leave my window
Open just a touch, at night
And don’t draw the curtains tight-shut
Because the air won’t circulate
And leave your bedroom door ajar
So we’ll always be sure you’re safe
I knew Dad had his own good reasons
Not just a case of ‘just in case’

He’d always wear that hat, with the hole
And leave his top button undone
His manners weren’t always perfect
But who was I to question him?
He drank from a cup with no handle
Chipped and broken, from years of use
Just like the plate that he ate from
‘Unhygienic’ I used to think

He forgave all my misdemeanours
And said “You’ll learn from your mistakes”
He got that right; I’m still learning
And mistakes are part of daily life
“Actions are never automatic
It takes thought to provoke each deed”
Words of wisdom from my father
I’ll remember till my dying day

He shaped my thoughts, my dreams; my life
Asking for nothing in return
A loving dad; he had his faults
Just like anybody else
He was a diamond in the rough
Flawed by life’s consistent unfairness
Fractured, fragmented, forsaken
By the forces of fickle fate

Cast out, displaced, relocated
Rejected by the rogue regime
That raped and pillaged his homeland
He showed no anger, bitterness
I’m not certain time healed all these wounds
But as Leonard Cohen once said
“There is a crack, a crack in everything
That’s how the light gets in”…Isn’t it?

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